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Retail & Horeca

Worldproteins offers a large variety of cheese

concepts for retail and foodservice.

Cheese cutted, sliced or shredded in various

dimensions for topping or stuffing applications.

If we don't have it in our assortment we certainly

can produce it for you !

SOS Burgerslices : 

114 or 84 singles, 1,4 or 1,0kg packaging

Natural cheese slices :

100x100mm, 100x150 mm,100x200 mm, 50x150 mm & 50 x 200mm.

Shredded & Grated :

Cubetti :        6x6mm, 8x8mm & 10x10mm

Shredding :    1mm,3mm & 5mm

Hard grating : Powder, Shaved

Cuts :

Loafs :  2,0kg, 3,0kg,

Blocks : 5,0kg, 15kg

Hotel butter portions :

Butter portions : 10gr, 8gr

Butter / vegetable fat blends : 10gr, 8gr

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